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Here you can find very useful answers on frequently asked questions!

1) What clothing will I need, are there any requirements for sailing?
Trainers – can reduce the risk of getting the stubbed toe while running round the boat Avoid taking too much kit as it will take up space and remain unused during the trip

2) What type of luggage should I take?
A soft bag – a soft holdall will help store your luggage when you unpack on the boat. A suitcase style (hard case) will be difficult to store with a number of people on the boat

3) Will I need to take any bed linen or towels?
All charter companies provide bed linen and a few hand-towels. If additional towels are needed then please let us know in advance and we can organise more to be put on board before your arrival. If you don't have space to put beach towels in your luggage we can rent it to you for 7 Eur per towel.

4) Are there safety equipment on board?
All yachts chartered through Sun Life exceed Croatian Health and Safety laws and with regard to safety equipment. This includes approved safety vests, harnesses, life raft, VHF, lighted buoys, distress signals, fire extinguishers, and more. See general equipment for sailing boats, motor boats,catamarans, mega yachts, gulets

5) What is included in the charter price and what do I have to pay extra?
In the charter price besides the use of the boat are also included bed linen and kitchen pottery and you have to pay extra for outboarder, spinnaker, final cleaning, parking place in marina, marina fees, fuel and crew (if not indicated differently on our web page). See conditions for sailing boats, motor boats,catamarans, mega yachts, gulets

6) Can you organize transfers from the airport, and what is the price?
If transfers have been organised with us in advance there will be someone to pick you and your party up in either a car or van depending upon the size of your party. They can be recognised easily as they will be either be holding either a “Sun Life” sign or your details “Mr.Henry Smith”.
Price for mini van up to 8 pax is 60 Eur , this is price for season 2006.

7) Are yachts and yacht crew insured?
Yes, all yachts and crew on board are fully insured against all accidents.

8) Can I pay with a credit card?
No, credit card payment is possible only when paying deposit in base.

9) Is there a safe parking place in marina where I can leave my car and what is the price for 7 days?
In most marinas there will be enough parking place during whole season and the price for 7 days is about 30-50 EURO.

10) What is the standard 7-days route?
We try to provide an individual route in most cases, and can give you examples of some of the most popular routes. We aim to match the route to the nature of the group and as a result they can vary significantly. We also encourage our customers to explore and disregard the commonly held view, and make their holiday unique.

11) Which days of the week can I begin and end my charter?
Weekly charters usually begin and end on Saturdays for multiples of seven days. It is possible to offer boat less than 7 days, but not in the peak of season, or when we have last minute offer.

12) What qualifications do I need to charter a bareboat yacht?
To charter a sailing yacht in Croatia it is necessary to have sailing certificates proving their competence. The Port Authorities in Croatia require an international license with VHF qualifications as a sufficient license. .

13) If we charter with a skipper, what kind of skipper are we likely to get?
The competent, friendly and professional. Not only will he make sure you get safely from port to port, but he'll be your guide to best best places to visit, and if you'd like, your personal sailing instructor! We will familiarize you with your skipper before you go, and will also brief the skipper of the nature of your group. See more about our skippers

14) Do we have to pay for skipper's food during our trip?
Yes, you have to pay for skipper's food no matter do you eat in restaurant or on board.

15) At what time can we embark and disembark?
Embarkation is at Saturday afternoon after 5:00 p.m. but it can be sooner if the boat is cleaned earlier- just contact us and we will inform you is it possible to embark hour or two earlier then 05:00 p.m. You have to disembark at Saturday morning before 8:00 or 9:00 a.m.. But we suggest to return in marina on Friday afternoon.

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