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Team Building Team Building Team Building Team Building Team Building

Yachts are chartered more and more by businesses. In our programme we have made a point of catering for them through team-building sailing trips.

Team building is a special combination of programmes with the aim of raising the productivity of a company through satisfied, more open and well-trained staff. It involves a variety of competitive activities to motivate the staff, and bring out and develop their competitive side. But the only way to win is by cooperating within the group, being quick and confident!

A team-building exercise is a special combination of programmes designed to enhance the productivity and efficiency of the company by encouraging openness and cooperation among staff.

Participants learn how to manage a team, to think as a team, to make decisions and to react quickly in response to events. All these skills are as important as reading a compass when learning to sail. When sailing everyone has to coordinate their actions to succeed – just as in any business.

While sailing, it is not enough that the captain is well trained. He needs the help of the navigator, the bowman, and other members of the crew to trim the jib or the mainsail. Others must plan the logistics of the voyage. Only if everyone pools their knowledge and skills will the outcome be successful.

The confined space of the boat and the constant need to live together and cooperate will also force individuals to accommodate and understand each other. While sailing, the crew has to find a way to live and work together equitably and enjoyably.

In short- team building will:

  • develop a team spirit within the working environment
  • produce a higher level of communication and interaction between employees
  • effect a more successful assimilation of new employees within the existing team
  • build up the confidence and initiative of staff
  • relieve stress through physical exercise and exertion
  • allow staff to enjoy themselves together in a fun, recreational environment
  • create among staff a sense of belonging to the group and loyalty to the company

In only a week of sailing clients will gain an enormous amount of knowledge and have an unforgettable experience with life-long results. It will be a strong test of their mental and physical endurance, pitting themselves against the power of the sea and the winds—future challenges they meet will seem a walk in the park by comparison.

And for some it will be the beginning of a love affair with sailing.

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