Regulations for foreign boats

Vessels may sail and stay in the coastal seas, rivers and lakes of the Republic of Croatia if they obtain authorization. Foreign sport rowing and sailing vessels up to 3 m length, and motor boats up to 3 m length with a motor up to 4 kW may sail and stay in coastal waters, rivers and lakes without authorization

Entry by sea in a boat or yacht

Definition: "boat" is an open sports boat (e.g. dinghy, a rubber boat) which does not have sleeping facilities. A "yacht" is a boat with a covered cabin.

If the owner or master of a foreign vessel wishes to sail and stay in coastal waters, rivers and lakes, after entering the coastal sea, river or lake he must take the shortest route to the nearest port or harbor open to international traffic, register his arrival with the authorized body in that harbor and apply for authorization to sail.

International maritime boarder crossings:

Permanent: Umag, Poreč, Rovinj, Pula, Raša-Bršica, Rijeka, Mali Lošinj, Senj, Zadar, Šibenik, Split, Ploče, Metković, Korčula and Dubrovnik.

Seasonal (open from 1 April to 30 October) Novigrad, Sali, Bozava, Ravni Zakanj (Kornati), Ubli (Lastovo), Komiza (Vis), Vis (Vis) and Hvar.

If upon entering Croatian waters a vessel cannot reach a port open to international traffic because of "force majeure", it must register as soon as possible at the nearest harbourmaster's office or its branch offices.

Exit by sea

When leaving the Croatian territorial waters, the skipper must call at a port open to international traffic and go through the necessary formalities (informing the harbourmaster of his departure). The yacht must then leave the Croatian territorial waters without delay and by the shortest route.

General conditions for obtaining authorization:

  • Fill in the registration of arrival form- name and registered number of vessel, length of vessel, state flag of the country of registration, and name and family name of owner;
  • Pay navigation security compensation using the payment slip that is part of the registration of arrival form;
  • Submit a valid boat certificate issued according to regulations in the country the boat is registered in;
  • Submit documents confirming the crew members sailing qualifications (yachtmaster's certificate - see below);
  • Submit third-party insurance in accordance with special law (insurance policy - blue card);
  • Submit a list of crew members and other persons on the vessel.

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