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Croatian gastronomy, especially from the coastal region, developed in a tradition of natural, healthy food based on meals of vegetables in olive oil, seafood and fish, accompanied with wine and sheep and goats cheeses. The specificity of the local cooking is in its preparation of meals. Vegetables are cooked in a small amount of water with a seasoning of olive oil and aromatic herbs and fish is prepared by stewing, boiling or grilling. Meat, usually lamb, is roasted on a spit to get a unique taste.

The northern and southern areas of the Adriatic are characterised by differences in taste and preparation of food, meaning one can distinguish between the cuisine of Istria, Kvarner and Dalmatia.

More about Dalmatian cooking

Dalmatian cooking is less aromatic and lighter than in Istria. The abundance of fresh or lightly cooked vegetables has made them the garnishing for the following diverse dishes: grilled fish, fish soup, octopus, oysters from Ston, scampi and mussels 'na buzaru' (stewed), 'pašticada' with gnocchi (also known as Dalmatian goulash), barbecued meat marinated in rosemary or the famous Pag cheese. These are some of the specialities which everyone will love. Olives are also inevitable - fresh or salted - and olive oil is one of the foundations of Dalmatian gastronomy.

The distinguishing feature of Istrian cooking is in its abundant use of the natural gifts of the given season, so that the Istrian gastronomic experience is different at every time of the year.

If you visit the northern Adriatic you must try Istrian 'Pršut', a ham dried in the 'Bura' wind and an original Croatian product by geographical descent. Another local dish is pork sausages grilled or cooked in wine, although the most famous Istrian dish is certainly 'Maneštra', a thick soup of vegetables and dried meat. This region also offers a wealth of fish and seafood specialities. Salty whitebait, a mollusc salad, fresh fish - grilled or cooked - and Kvarner scampi are some of the dishes enjoyed by the neighbouring Italians who often visit on weekends.Various risottos and pastas served in olive oil and with local truffles - these first-rate mushrooms which emit a wonderful aroma - and divine asparagus are only a fraction of the gastronomic wealth which must be explored here.

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